How Do I Give Customers Access to My Stream?

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Are your customers seeing this?



No worries. We'll go through the most common reasons why customers can't get into the show and teach you how to sort them.

1. The customer is logging into the stream under a different email than what they purchased their ticket under

Most of the time, customers log in with their most common email, all the while, their ticket purchase is under a different email. We normally see this when customers use Apple Pay, Paypal, etc. To verify and correct this follow these steps:

  • Search for the customer's email in the "Orders" tab of Shopify
  • If you do not see a ticket purchase under their order history, ask for a different email address or their name
  • Search the alternative email address or name to locate the email / customer account that they actually purchased under
  • Ask the customer to login with the correct email or change the email address on the order to their desired email address


2. The customer forgot their password

It happens! This is an easy fix.

  • Search for the customer's email address or name in Shopify
  • Click on the customer's profile
  • Select "More Actions" and "Reset Password"



3. The customer doesn't have an account

Customers will need to create an account on your store to watch the stream. When they purchase a ticket, Shopify will automatically send them an account invitation. If they haven't created one yet, you can search their order and send an account invite to them!

  • Search the customers name, email, or order number
  • Select "Send Account Invite" or "Resend Account Invite"



Need to give access to a customer who hasn't purchased a ticket? Create an order!

Sometimes you may need to give a fan access to a stream without having them purchase a ticket. All you need to do is create an order with a ticket for them.

  • Search for the customer's name or email
  • Select "Create Order"
  • Search for the ticket product & select it
  • Mark the order as paid (or set payment terms)
  • Create Order



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