How Do I Publish From Single to Shopify?

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Create digital products in your Shopify store and/or attach the album to existing Shopify products.

The first step is to finish uploading tracks and enter all required album info. When you're ready, scroll down on your digital release page and click "review for sale."


You'll then be prompted to review and verify all of the information. From there, select "Ready to Publish."

When you scroll to the bottom of the next page, you will see different options to publish to your shop.


Publish with Tracklist

This option creates a digital album product and digital track products within your Shopify inventory. When the digital album product displays in your shop, it will automatically use our "digital album product template" which was added to your shop when you installed Single.

While you want to have the digital album product displaying in your shop, the digital track products are what powers the preview player and the ability for fans to purchase tracks individually. Therefore you can hide the track products from displaying in a collection in your store, however, you wouldn't want to delete them. Here is an example of what a standalone album w/ tracklist looks like in your store:


Publish without Tracklist

Similarly, this option also creates a digital album product within your Shopify product inventory. Here is what this looks like:


Attach to Existing Products

The final option to publish to your store is as an attachment to Shopify products. In this case, nothing changes about your Shopify products but the digital album is delivered behind the scenes to whoever purchases it.

You can begin this setup by creating different Shopify products (bundles). Since nothing changes visually about the product when an album is attached, you'll need to edit the product title / description to let fans know the product includes the album. The most common way to do this is to add "+ digital album" to the product titles. Please be aware that Billboard has specific requirements for music + merch bundles - all of which can be found here.

Here is an example of what a Shopify product bundle can look like when a digital album is included:


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