Getting started with Single Music

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New to Single?

Welcome! Here's a short list to get you started

1.) Install

Find us on the Shopify App store. We're free to install!

2.) Create an account and log in to the Single Dashboard

First create an account, then you'll be directed to the Single Dashboard. This is where the magic happens.


The left column is where you create and manage Digital Releases, tag Physical records for reporting, and manage Boostlinks & Upsell Campaigns.

Get comfortable by creating your first release - don't worry, you won't be charged anything until your album is published and a fan purchases it.

3.) Sell digital music

After you finish creating your release and uploading tracks, you'll see these three buttons:


If you select "Add to Shop w/ tracklist", this is what your album will look like in your shop:


If you select "Attach to Existing Product", you'll be prompted to search for physical items that exist inside your Shopify store. This is how you create music + merch bundles.


4.) Tag physical records for reporting

Single's automated system will report physical records you sell through your Shopify store. All you need to do is quickly tag the albums inside your Single Dashboard.

5.) Manage orders

The order management page inside your Single Dashboard looks like this:


We have a dedicated support team to assist fans who purchase your digital music. But for those who want full control, you also have the ability to edit customer emails and resend delivery emails.

Learn more about order management in this support article.

Thanks for trying out Single! 


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