How do I schedule individual track release dates?

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Inside your Single Dashboard…

When you create a digital release in Single, you can select a Release Date and a Pre-Order Date. You can also create a cascading release or tracks that are released leading up to an album release. This is a great way to build momentum.

For instructions on creating a digital release, click here. In this article, we’ll focus specifically on how to schedule individual track release dates.


Standard Cascading Release for Digital Albums

If you want to upload a full digital album with cascading track releases, follow these steps:

After you enter your album info, hit continue to move to the track upload page. Click “+ Add Tracks” to begin.

Once you name your first track, you will see a button that says “Upload Track”. When it finishes uploading, click on the pencil icon to enter details about that specific track. You will then be taken to this page:


This is where you can edit the Release Date for each track. If you set this date before the album release date, the track release date will supersede the album release date. For example, set track release dates for 3 weeks, 2 weeks and 1 week before your album release date. This is what we mean by a standard cascading release.


As with every digital release created in Single Music, download links are sent to fans automatically. The same is true for individual tracks leading up to an album. Simply set (and forget) the dates when creating your release, and Single will handle the delivery of your digital music.

If you would like to offer Pre-Release/Instant Grat tracks with your pre-order simply set the Release Date for those tracks to the same day as the Pre-Order Date. These tracks will be sent out as soon as a fan completes a pre-order purchase.

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