How Will Releases Display in My Store?

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After you create a release inside Single - scroll down and hit "Review for Sale".

You'll then be prompted with three options: Publish with a Tracklist, Publish without a Tracklist, and Attach to Existing Products.

Check out our dedicated support article for more info on the different ways to publish your release.

Screen_Shot_2021-09-15_at_10.15.51_AM__1_.pngWhen you publish your music from Single, your release will look like this inside your shop. During installation, we slyly add a few template files to your theme to make all the magic happen. The colors and fonts you're using in Shopify will automatically be applied.


How will the release display if it is a pre-sale?

If you publish your digital standalone album during a pre-sale, things will display similarly to the example above.

The difference is that unreleased tracks will not be available for preview. The only tracks that display in the preview player will be pre-release singles. So don't worry, fans will not be able to preview unreleased songs and will not get to see the full tracklist. Please see the example below:



When you attach the release to a physical product inside your Shopify store, things work much differently. First, it won't show the album template that you see above. Instead, attaching to a physical product works behind the scenes. There won't be any visual difference to your Shopify product. We would recommend putting (+ digital album) in the product title. Here is an example:


Not displaying how you'd like it to? Need some special code or help installing in a custom theme?

You are free to edit our code at your own risk, but be advised that we cannot support custom changes you make.

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