How Do I Report Physical Releases From Shopify to the Charts?

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It's simple really...

With the resurgence of physical format sales (namely vinyl, but tapes too!?) it's important artists get credit for their self-distributed work.

Until now, if artists and labels wanted to report their Shopify sales to SoundScan they needed to submit manually or drop serious cash to have something custom developed.

Artists should be focused on what matters most: making music - not worrying about whether or not their sales are actually getting counted.

How to set up Physical Reporting

1. Navigate to Physical Reporting from the sidebar or Dashboard.

2. Select "Tag Existing Physical" to search your Shopify inventory for reportable releases and add to queue.



3. Enter the artist name and select the physical format.


4. Verify the UPC (imported from Shopify) and enter the release date.


5. Click "Submit for Reporting."


You're all done!

Note: Are you having trouble tagging your physical to be reported? It's likely because you haven't approved billing from Single. Check out our dedicated support article to learn more.

Reporting Criteria & Methodology

  • Reports are automatically generated and delivered to SoundScan on a daily basis at 10AM ET.
  • Only orders marked as fulfilled in your Shopify Admin will be eligible for reporting.
  • Based on the nature of the charts reports cannot be edited retroactively - double check UPC/EANs.
  • If you create a bundle with multiple physical copies of your album, only one of those can be reported to Soundscan. Select the UPC of the physical album that you would like to be reported.

A few notes on digital reporting…

  • Digital releases powered by Single do not need to be tagged and will report automatically.
  • Digital releases not powered by Single will not be reported to Soundscan.

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