Do My Sales Get Reported to the Rolling Stone Charts?

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How to report to Alpha Data (formerly known as BuzzAngle) & Rolling Stone.

Note: Digital & Physical sales are reported automatically at 10am EST for the prior day and subject to certain criteria by Alpha Data & Rolling Stone.

RS Chart Weeks

  • RS Chart weeks run Friday - Thursday.
  • The cutoff is 12:00am (ET) on the Thursday following release.
  • Single and album charts are published weekly and can be viewed HERE.

Brief overview of inclusion rules:

  • Albums priced below $3.75 in the first month will not count towards that week's charts.
  • Tracks sold for less than $.49 in the first three months of release will not count toward the chart.
  • Multiple Copies: A fan can purchase up to four copies of a record in the same order, anything more than that is deemed as a bulk order and will be excluded.
  • A deluxe version may precede that of the standard release by three months (12 weeks). In these cases, the label or distributor will notify Alpha Data in advance that the later version will be this title’s standard version. However, if a shorter version of that first release releases more than 12 weeks later, it will be treated as a separate album.
  • If two or more separate unique albums are sold together in a single package, those sales will be tracked as a unique listing, separate from those of the individual titles.
  • Unlike Nielsen SoundScan & the Billboard charts, various formats are weighted differently in the charts. Each Album Unit total is calculated as follows:

"(Digital Standard Album Sales*1.0) + (Digital Deluxe Album Sales*1.3) + (CD Standard Album Sales*1.0) + (CD Deluxe Album Sales*1.3) + (Vinyl Standard Album Sales*2.0) + (Vinyl Deluxe Album Sales*2.5) + (Cassette Album Sales*1.0) + (Digital Song Sales/10) + (On-Demand Audio Subscription Streams/1,200) + (On-Demand Audio Ad-Supported Streams)/3,600)"


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