What Is a BoostLink?

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A powerful new promotional tool by Single Music

Note: BoostLinks are available on the Bronze, Silver, and Gold subscription tiers.

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We're all familiar with link sharing services. You've likely visited a landing page created by your favorite artist, simply by following a link from their social post.

But the problem is, all of these services currently available are passive. You create a set of links and hope that people land on them...


Introducing... BoostLinks

Capture follows, pre-saves and pre-adds from your core fan base. Target fans when they're most engaged - at the moment of purchase.

Just because they’re purchasing a product from you doesn’t mean they follow you on all of your relevant channels. They're clearly your top fans, though, so why not?

Through Single, you can create a BoostLink campaign and "attach" it to any physical or digital product in your Shopify store. Once that product is purchased from your shop, the customer will receive an email with a customizable set of links.

Here is what the email looks like:

Note: The email can be customized and whitelabeled.

Can I share BoostLinks outside of Shopify?

Yes! You can always share your BoostLink landing page with fans.

Here is what your BoostLink landing page looks like when shared on its own:


These aren't just links. They have superpowers.

Fans can follow, pre-save, pre-add or listen in just one click. Customizable with Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify, & Tidal - let fans engage with your music wherever it exists.

Even promote channels that your fans might not know you use, like Twitch, Discord, Patreon and Youtube

Check out a full list of supported services and functions HERE.


Create a feedback loop

Fans buy from you and are immediately funneled to the rest of your channels.

In the coming months, you'll be able to track your campaign in real-time. See where and who your fans are, as well as how they are interacting with your channels.

Let's say a fan purchases your digital music, which you've also bundled with a BoostLink campaign. A fan clicks "download" in their delivery email, and are immediately taken to this page:


Brand Management

Brands often build playlists on various services to stay connected with their customers and support the artists they love. And now they can promote them anytime a customer makes a purchase using BoostLinks.

Even individuals with their own brands like podcasters and Youtubers can take advantage of this new tool.

But... how customizable are they..?

You have the freedom to set unique goals for each campaign. Grow your following on various channels by creating a campaign with "follow" links. Promote an upcoming release with links to pre-save on different services. Or create a short-link for your Instagram bio, with links to a video, your top track, and your very own playlist.

Check out our support article to learn how to build your first BoostLink campaign.

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