How Do I Attach a Pre-Save Campaign to My Pre-Order?

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Finally... Attach Pre-saves to Pre-order Products & Bundles

One of the best ways to maximize your album release is by creating a pre-order bundle campaign. But the truth is, that doesn't fully account for the most popular way fans consume music in 2022: Streaming.

With this in mind - we've built a way to combine your pre-order with a pre-save campaign. The best part? It's a super easy set up. Here is an example of the email fans receive when purchasing a pre-sale with an instant grat and a BoostLink attached:


Here's how we did it:

1. Create pre-order bundle products inside your Shopify Admin.

Example product name: "T-shirt + Digital Album Pre-order."

2. Create your digital release inside the Single Dashboard.

3. Attach your digital release to the pre-order products.

4. Click on the "Create BoostLink Campaign" button inside the Single Dashboard.

5. Fill in the first page of the BoostLink campaign - you can use the image below for reference:


Tip: Set your pre-save campaign to end the day before your album is released.

6. Add in the Spotify URI and Apple Music Link for your unreleased album.


Note: You can obtain these links from your digital aggregator (CD Baby, DistroKid, Ditto Music, etc...)

7. Attach the BoostLink campaign to your product bundles. After you hit "Attach to Physical Product," you'll be prompted with a search bar to find products within your Shopify inventory. Add attachments to the queue, then click "Create Attachments."


8. After your campaign is attached, you're all set! Every fan who purchases a pre-order bundle will immediately receive a link to pre-save your record. Then on release day, Single will automatically deliver your full digital album to fans.

Thanks Kaely for letting us use your album as our example!

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