It's Not a Bundle... It's a Box(set)

How to include merchandise with a physical album and have it count towards the Billboard Charts

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Defining a Box Set

A "box set" is a manufactured package containing a combination of music, merchandise, and memorabilia.

To give you a better idea of what we're talking about, take a look at some recent examples:

  • Carrie Underwood's Box Set, including an album and a t-shirt, is excellent example of a simple, sleek design. 
  • Lana Del Rey's Box Set sports some items beyond the album, like patches and litho prints.


You can push creative boundaries much like Guns N' Roses did with their Appetite for Destruction Box Set, complete with Vinyl, CD's, unreleased music, pins, buttons, flags, temporary tattoos, rings, and much much more.



How do I get started?

Once you decide what products you want to offer in your box set, the next step is to create the packaging. We took a look around and found some cost effective solutions for creating the perfect housing for your project.

  1. Determine the contents and packaging of your box set.
  2. Contact the Billboard / Luminate Data (formerly MRC/SoundScan) team at least 4 weeks in advance of street / release date.

But... where do I go to find customizable boxes?

  • Emenac Packaging offers a wide variety of custom packaging and printing solutions.
  • UPrinting can provide smaller quantities at affordable rates with plenty of customization.
  • Packola has no minimum on custom orders and their boxes are made from recycled material and sustainably sourced.

You're almost there...

Before you tie the bow off, it's important to consider the Billboard rules around box sets:

  • Items must be packaged in one complete boxed package.
  • Individual items must be secured in their own compartment/slot.
  • The box must have visible branding that represents the album or artist.
  • The box set must have its own UPC, separate from any other versions or variants.
  • The sale of the box set counts as one physical album sale.
  • The box set must be made available for purchase by brick & mortar retailers .
  • All box sets must be submitted to Billboard and Luminate Data (formerly MRC/SoundScan) 4 weeks in advance of street/release date for approval.

Think you nailed it? 

Please fill out this form to submit your Box set for approval to the Billboard / Luminate Data team: 


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