How to Offer Pre-Release Tracks with Physical Album Presales

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Pre-Release Tracks for Physical Albums

We recently added a new feature that allows you to create an album of digital Pre-Release/Instant Grat tracks to include with physical album presales to hype your releases. Since Billboard updated its chart rules in 2020, physical album sales are more important than ever. This new feature will allow you to attach Pre-Release tracks to physical formats without affecting chart eligibility, offering more flexibility with Physical Reporting


Let's dive into the steps to set up Pre-Release tracks for your next preorder campaign 💿

Start by navigating to your digital releases tab.


After you enter your album information, toggle on "Pre-Release Tracks Only."


Edit the track information by clicking the pencil icon next to each track and select the release date you want for each individual track.


In the example above, we've created an "album" of Pre-Release Tracks where one track is set to release on April 15th, the other on April 16th.


Next, select "Attach to Existing Products." This will then open a window for you to search your Shopify inventory for the physical album you tagged for reporting.


Select the album, choose your "Attachment Type" and the "Reporting Type," then enter the UPC of the physical format.

In this example, we searched our Shopify store for a CD that we want these Pre-Release tracks attached to. For "Attachment Type" - we selected "CD." You'll want to select the format that matches your use case. For "Reporting Type" - select "Physical." Be sure to leave "Managed Fulfillment" toggled off.

Click "Create Attachments."


You're all done!

Now when fans pre-order your physical album, Single Music will deliver these digital Pre-Release tracks on the date you have set for them. This is a great way to get fans excited for the release and drive presales. 

Want to turns things up even more? Push Pre-Saves and more by attaching a Boostlink Campaign to your physical album pre-order!


Note: instant grat tracks set up using the "Pre-Release Only" toggle will prevent those tracks from reporting as a digital album. If you want to set up a full digital album with a cascading release that will be eligible for reporting - see this article.

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