How Can I Add More User Accounts to Help Set Up and Edit the Livestream Event in the App?

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Using your Permissions Settings...

If you're working with friends or an entire production team, you can easily add users to your Single account. More importantly, you can make sure they only have access to the event and not the rest of your account.


  1. Open your Single App
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Click "Permissions"
  4. Click "+ Add User"
  5. Enter the email of user you want to add
  6. Scroll down to Livestreams and toggle on "Edit" & "View"

Note: Toggling on the "Financials Views" is not necessary, but there if you need want to grant users that level of access.

After you add your teammate, they will receive an account activation email from Single to create their account and login. Easy as that.



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