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Right now, the tools that Single makes are exclusively aligned with the Shopify platform. But the good news is - Shopify Lite allows you to integrate Shopify with any blog or website.

What is Shopify Lite?

Shopify Lite gives you access to everything that Shopify Basic does - except for the custom storefront.

In other words, a "Lite" plan gives you access to the Shopify Admin Panel. There is where you can create products, manage inventory, communicate with customers and even install apps from the Shopify App store (like Single!). Take a look at the snapshot of the admin panel:


Most importantly, the products that you create in your Admin Panel can be sold via sales channels. This includes Shopify POS system, Buy Buttons, and many others.

Buy Buttons

One of the most powerful sales channels on Shopify are Buy Buttons. These allow you to integrate Shopify with any blog or website. You're basically adding Shopify's cart functionality over the top of your current store. When a fan clicks "Buy Now", they interact with the Shopify interface, without leaving your website.

To integrate Shopify Lite with your current website using Buy Buttons for a Digital Album, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign up for Shopify Lite
  2. Create Digital Album in Single
  3. Go to your Shopify admin, Click the "+" by Sales Channels
  4. Scroll to Buy Buttons
  5. Once the Buy Button Channel appears in your list, click on it, then click "Create"
  6. Choose the digital album product you created in Single
  7. Edit the look of your Buy Button


  8. When you're ready, click "Generate Code"
  9. For detailed info on how exactly to add this HTML code to your site, please check out Shopify's dedicated Help Center article.


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