How Do I Offer Upsell Discounts?

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Start by creating an Upsell in the Single dashboard...

1. After you've entered some basic info about your Upsell, click in the search bar to look through your Shopify inventory. Choose the product you would like to offer at a discount.


2. Click the dropdown next to the product name to reveal a discount field. Enter a discount and click "Continue."



Offering discounts on products could result in your sales being made ineligible for chart reporting!

At a quick glance, the Billboard guidelines are:

You may not use an Upsell tool to offer discounts on merch to people who are purchasing a music product (album, EP, single, etc.).

You may use an Upsell tool to offer discounts on music products (album, EP, single, etc.) to people who are purchasing merch, as long as the final price of the music product does not go below the minimum price for eligibility ($3.49/album or $0.69/track).

Please see our full Billboard chart rules and eligibility article for full details.

For OCC, upsells or other campaigns that provide discounts or incentives on products must be reviewed by OCC/Kantar for chart eligibility beforehand. To do this, please reach out to regarding the details of your campaign.

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