How Do I Set Up a Pre-Order on Shopify?

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Create a digital release with a future release date...

Pre-orders are an essential part of any album or EP release plan. With Single Music + Shopify, you can set digital pre-orders to be automatically delivered on the release date.

Note: If you don't have the finished tracks yet but you would like to begin your pre-sale, please take a look at this support article.

Digital Pre-Orders

On the first page, enter a Release Date and other relevant info for the album:


Releases will, by default, deliver automatically to fans at 12:00AM EST on the Release Date and be marked as Fulfilled in the Shopify Admin. Additionally, you can choose a custom release time to suit your project.

Presale Date

On the next page, enter the date & time you would like your pre-sale to begin. If no time is chosen, 12:00AM EST will be set by default.


Instant Grat

You can send fans a track immediately when pre-order your album. To set this up, first click on the track you want to send out. You'll be taken to the "track edit" page. Enter the same release date for the track that you entered for when your pre-sale would begin. This will set that track for immediate delivery when it is purchased.


Cascading Releases

Similarly to an instant grat track, you can stagger the releases of individual tracks. This way, everyone who purchases the presale will be automatically delivered the tracks that you select on the date and time that you specify.

Notes about Digital Release Dates, Pre-orders, & Delivery:

Digital Albums and Tracks will be created in your Shopify Admin immediately and published based on the following criteria:

  • Releases with a past or same-day Release Date will be On Sale upon submission
  • Releases with a future Release Date will be published at 12:00AM EST on that date, unless a different time is chosen
  • Presales will be published at 12:00AM EST (unless otherwise specified) on the Presale Date and delivered automatically to fans on the Release Date
  • When using the "Publish With Audio Player" option on a presale release and you want to prevent unreleased track titles from showing in the tracklist, you will need to enable the "Confidential Release" option while creating/editing your release. This will make it so that only tracks that have been released so far (instant grats, singles, etc.) will show up in the tracklist/audio player.

    Note: Regardless of whether or not "Confidential Release" is enabled, unreleased tracks will NOT have audio previews available before release, even if you have enabled the audio preview option for these tracks while the release in the Single.


Do NOT create variants of track products created by Single.

Creating a Physical Pre-order

While the Single App helps you create and manage digital releases, physical releases are created inside your Shopify admin.

In order to change the “Add to cart” button text for your pre-order products, you must create a new product page template. You can read an advanced tutorial from Shopify on exactly how to do this.

Otherwise, the easiest way to create a pre-release for a physical product is to include (Pre-order) in the name of the product! This is the most common way to go about physical pre-orders.

To tag a physical pre-order for reporting, tag the release like normal, but be sure to add a release date and artist name.



If you tag a physical album with a release date in the past, it will not report prior sales or preorders. In order for prior sales and preorders to be reported, you must tag your physical album with a release date of the present or the future. 


Setting Up Bundle Pre-Orders

If you're building up hype for an album release, it is a great idea to create some pre-order bundles. You can create different "tiers" of product bundles and attach a copy of your digital record to each.

You can begin by creating physical products inside your Shopify Admin. If you plan on attaching your digital music to the product, consider putting that in the name of the product, ie. "T-shirt + Digital Album" or "Merch Bundle #1 + Digital Album". Here is an example of a well-structured pre-sale campaign with various product tiers.


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