What Does the Email Confirmation Look Like for Fans After They Purchase a Livestream Ticket?

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In addition to the Shopify order, fans will receive an email that includes their ticket and a link to the show. They will receive this email directly after they purchase a ticket or merch bundle with a ticket.

The email confirmation is whitelisted to your Shopify store. We advise that artists use the 1000px X 1000px event admat for their image in the email for consistency purposes.

The share button is always included and allows fans to share the event with their friends, which leads to more purchases.

The standard copy we recommend is listed below, however you can change it if necessary.

"Thanks for buying a ticket to (event name)! The account you created when checking out is your ticket! Click the link below on Date/Time and login to watch the show!" - Band Name

*Note - The subject line of the email is not able to be changed.

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