I Accidentally Deleted a Product From Shopify!

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No worries!

Your album still exists inside your Single dashboard - you won't need to recreate the album or re-upload the tracks.

To republish to Shopify, just follow these simple steps:

1. Delete the remaining "album" and "track" products from your Shopify store that were associated with that release

Note: If your album has been for sale and there are already customer purchases, submit a request before deleting. If there haven't been sales yet continue to step 2.

2. Go inside your Single dashboard, "manage digital releases" and locate the release

3. Select the icon furthest to the right to "Archive" the release

4. You should now see the release under "Archived". The icon furthest to the right will now be "Republish Release". Select that and the album will be re-published to Shopify

But what if I only deleted one track from the album in Shopify?

Same process! You can only publish entire releases from Single to Shopify. Please follow the steps starting from the top!

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