My Fans Aren’t Receiving Their Downloads!

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Don't fear! We'll get to the bottom of it.

The most likely explanation is that the fan didn't enter an email address during checkout. This is a simple fix. For instructions on how to require this, check out our past support article.

To investigate fan inquiries, navigate to the "Orders" tab inside your Single Dashboard. Here you can search fan emails or order numbers, and even resend the delivery email. For information regarding your order management page, check out our dedicated support article.


Still having issues? We can help! First...

1. Do you see the customer email in your Orders tab? If yes - resend link with the paper airplane icon.

2. Is the order number in the Orders tab? If yes - resend the link and tell the fan that the purchase is under a different email address.

3. If you see the order in Single but it's labeled "merch" type, please attach the digital album to that product and select "Deliver to Existing Orders." Any fan who has purchased that product will be immediately delivered the album.

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