What Is a "Confidential Release?"

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Release Incognito

When this is enabled the Release Date will be hidden from all fan-facing communication. Additionally, if you have published a release using the "Publish with Audio Player" option, as-of-yet unreleased tracks will not be displayed in the tracklist for the album.


Release Date:

Fans will still receive their Shopify confirmation email for their purchase, but they won't receive the initial email from Single during presale that usually contains the release date. Any instant grat tracks delivered during pre-sale will not show a release date within the delivery email. 



Unreleased Songs:

If you publish your digital standalone album during a pre-sale using the "Publish with Audio Player" option and you DO NOT want track titles of songs that have not been released yet (instant grats, pre-release singles, etc) to be displayed in the tracklist, you must enable the "Confidential Release" option while creating or editing your release.

❗️This only affects whether or not the as-of-yet unreleased tracks will have their titles displayed in the tracklist or not. Regardless of whether or not "Confidential Release" is enabled, audio previews will NOT be available for unreleased tracks. Once the track is released, the audio preview will be made available if you have used the "Publish with Audio Player" option and selected for 30s previews to be available.❗️

Below is an example of a presale album that uses the "Publish with Audio Player" option and has "Confidential Release" enabled. As you can see, any unreleased track titles are not yet shown in the tracklist. Instead, they are only shown as generic "Track 3, 5, etc." based on their order in the album.


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