How Is Digital Music Added to My Shopify Store?

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After you have uploaded all tracks and double-checked the release information you're given three options - Publish with a Tracklist, Publish without a Tracklist, and Attach to Existing Products.


Note: If you don't see these buttons, you likely haven't approved billing inside your Single admin. This is a blue banner across the top of your Dashboard. For more information, check out our dedicated support article.

Once ownership (or right to distribute) is confirmed your release will be published based on the following criteria:

  • Releases with a past or same-day Release Date will be On Sale upon submission
  • Releases with a future Release Date will be published at the selected time on that date
  • Presales will be published at the selected time on the Presale Date and delivered automatically on the Release Date

Publish with or without a Tracklist

If Publish with or without a Tracklist is chosen, Digital Album and Digital Track products will be created in your Shopify inventory automatically.

In your Shopify store (and in the example below), you will see products created for each track and a product for the album. Do not delete these individual track products - this is just how we power the tracklist and previews on the album page!

*DO NOT create variants of track products created by Single*

You can easily hide the track products from your store by adding them to a hidden collection. You can find instructions on how to do this HERE.

Note: Even if your release contains just one track, there will be both a “Digital Track” and “Digital Album” product created.

Note: You will see Presale and Scheduled releases in your Shopify Admin - they will not go on sale until the Release or Presale Date!


  • Tracks are assigned the product type Digital Track and are only visible on album pages.
  • Releases are assigned the product type Digital Album - even if it's a Single or EP

Attach to Existing Product

When "Attach to Existing Product" is chosen you’ll be able to bundle or “attach” digital music to products within your Shopify store. With this feature, you can automatically deliver digital music with the purchase of a physical product. Learn more about bundling HERE.


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