Can I Bulk Import Physical Releases for Reporting?

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With a little help from your friends…

Bulk tagging of physical releases isn’t currently built-in to the Single Admin, but follow these steps and we’ll get you taken care of!



The file you provide to us must be set up EXACTLY as described below and shown in the provided example template. This includes things such as order of the columns, capitalization, etc. Please be very careful to ensure attention to detail and match the provided template exactly, otherwise errors could occur upon import.


For reference, here is the information that needs to be included in your product export:

  • Handle
  • Title
  • Type
  • Variant Barcode
  • Image Src
  • Variant SKU
  • Option1 Value
  • Artist Name
  • Release Date (only required for presales)



Note: Feel free to download and use the above CSV template. You can access it HERE.

1. Export Product Data from Shopify

  • Go to Shopify Admin.
  • Click “Products” on the left.
  • Click “Export” at the top.
  • Choose “All Products (or current search if they’re already filtered somehow).”
  • Choose “CSV for Excel, Numbers, or other….”
  • Click “Export Products.”

2. Download the spreadsheet from the email Shopify delivers to you

3. Add the “Type” "Artist Name" & "Release date (only required for presales)" information

  • Download our example .csv as a guide to format your export.
  • Do not edit the column titles - this needs to match what is set in Shopify exactly
  • Open the file in Excel, Google Sheets, or a similar spreadsheet software.
  • There’s a column called “Type” that has the product type data in it. Update the values in this column with the “type” of the physical product. (Valid values are: CD, Vinyl, Tape, and Video).
  • Implement the Artist Name for the line item as it is required in the system when tagging physical releases.
  • Enter in the Release Date if the product we are importing is in presale. It is important that the date is in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

4. Double check UPCs & Column Titles

  • Every row should have a valid UPC in the “Variant Barcode” column.
  • Each Column title has to read what the example document shows for it to import correctly.

5. Remove unwanted products/variants

  • Delete rows for anything you don't want tagged / reported (like T-shirts and other merch).

6. Save the file (preferably in CSV)

7. Send it to us


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