Can I Bulk Import Physical Releases for Reporting?

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With a little help from your friends…

Bulk tagging of physical releases isn’t currently built-in to the Single Admin, but follow these steps and we’ll get you taken care of!

For reference, here is the information that needs to be included in your product export:

  • Handle
  • Title
  • Type
  • Variant Barcode
  • Image Src
  • Variant SKU
  • Option1 Value
  • Artist Name
  • Release Date (only required for presales)



Note: Feel free to download and use the above CSV template. You can access it HERE.

1. Export Product Data from Shopify

  • Go to Shopify Admin.
  • Click “Products” on the left.
  • Click “Export” at the top.
  • Choose “All Products (or current search if they’re already filtered somehow).”
  • Choose “CSV for Excel, Numbers, or other….”
  • Click “Export Products.”

2. Download the spreadsheet from the email Shopify delivers to you

3. Add the “Type” "Artist Name" & "Release date (only required for presales)" information

  • Download our example .csv as a guide to format your export.
  • Do not edit the column titles - this needs to match what is set in Shopify exactly
  • Open the file in Excel, Google Sheets, or a similar spreadsheet software.
  • There’s a column called “Type” that has the product type data in it. Update the values in this column with the “type” of the physical product. (Valid values are: CD, Vinyl, Tape, and Video).
  • Implement the Artist Name for the line item as it is required in the system when tagging physical releases.
  • Enter in the Release Date if the product we are importing is in presale. It is important that the date is in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

4. Double check UPCs & Column Titles

  • Every row should have a valid UPC in the “Variant Barcode” column.
  • Each Column title has to read what the example document shows for it to import correctly.

5. Remove unwanted products/variants

  • Delete rows for anything you don't want tagged / reported (like T-shirts and other merch).

6. Save the file (preferably in CSV)

7. Send it to us


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