How Do I Create a BoostLink Campaign?

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Building Your Campaign:

You can create and manage BoostLink campaigns right from your Single Dashboard.

Click HERE to enter the "BoostLinks" tab inside Single.



1. Enter Campaign Info

Click on "Create BoostLink Campaign" to begin.

The next page looks very similar to our "Create Digital Release" page. You can enter some basic info about your campaign - including artwork.

Enter a campaign name to help you stay organized. For example: "Test Campaign #1". Next enter the title of your Album, EP, Playlist, or Track.

Campaign URL is something that you make up. For example: "album-pre-save-campaign."

Click on "Create Campaign" to continue...


...then click the "Edit Campaign" button on the next screen.


2. Add BoostLink


Now it's time to add links. Click on "Add BoostLink." When you do, you'll see some fields displayed.


3. Customize BoostLinks

Service / Type

This is where you select the link action. There are a few different ones:

Stream, Pre-save, Listen, Pre-add, etc....

All of the link encoding / building pre-saves happens in the back end. What we mean is you can add the same link for both "Spotify Pre-Save Album" and "Spotify Stream Album."

Share link / URI

For details on where to find each and every link to drop in, please check out our dedicated support article.

Call to Action

This field lets you change the word that is displayed next to "Stream" on the button. If you leave this black, it will default to the noun from the Service / Type field. For example, if you leave the field blank on a Spotify (Stream Album) button, it will appear as "Stream Album"

(See the visual example below)

Release Date

This only applies to pre-adds / pre-saves.

After you enter all the relevant fields, be sure to save each BoostLink!

Here is what those forms look like completed:


And here is what the final output will look like to the customer:



4. Attach to Existing Product

Once you finish setting up your links, it's time to attach your campaign to a product.


After you click "Attach to Existing Product," you'll be taken to a page with a search bar.


Search through your Shopify inventory on this page and begin adding products to the queue.


Finally, click "Create Attachments" and you'll be taken to your "BoostLinks Analytics" page.

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