Do My Sales Get Reported to the OCC?

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How to Report Sales to Kantar & the Official Charts Company 

  • Digital Releases powered by Single are automatically reported and included in our per-track pricing. We do not have the ability to report digital sales from other providers.
  • Physical Release reporting is not automatically available. This requires approval from the OCC. To get that process started, you can see if you pre-qualify HERE.

Note: Digital sales are reported automatically at 3am GMT for the prior day and subject to certain criteria by the OCC.

OCC Chart Weeks

  • OCC Chart weeks run Friday - Thursday.
  • The Digital cutoff is Midnight (GMT) on the Thursday following release.
  • Single and Album Charts are published weekly and can be viewed HERE.

Brief overview of inclusion rules:

  • Minimum pricing for Albums is £3.75.
  • Minimum pricing for Singles is £0.40.
  • Digital sales that are free will be excluded.
  • Digital sales associated with giveaways or promotional copies free of charge will be excluded.
  • Digital sales must be paid, delivered to the purchaser (fulfilled in Shopify), and redeemed by the purchaser in order to report.
  • Transaction must occur within either of the following territories: UK, Ireland, or France.
  • In regards to Upsells (powered by Single or otherwise) or other campaigns that provide discounts or incentives on products, chart eligibility must be reviewed and determined by OCC/Kantar beforehand. To do this, please reach out to regarding the details of your campaign.

Take a look at the full list of rules and guidelines HERE.

Note: Need to see an in depth overview of your sales and reported/unreported totals? Click HERE to find out how.






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