How to See a Billing Breakdown

Accessing a complete breakdown of fees for the services we provide is easy!

First, go to your Single dashboard and select the Settings tab in the menu located on the left side of the screen.


This will bring you to the Settings menu screen, where you can select the Billing tab.


The Billing Menu

On the Billing menu, you will have access to a complete breakdown of fees and services. At the top, you'll see your monthly subscription. Below that, that categories breakdown into Digital Delivery, Video On-Demand, Livestreams & Rentals, NFT Collections, and Memberships.



Can I narrow down all of this info by a specific date range?


In the top right hand corner of the page, you will find a drop down menu that will let you set a specific date range. Select your start and end dates either from the calendar display, or by typing them into the fields below it, hit "Set Date Range", and you're good to go!


Exporting The Data

There are several easy to use tools available on the Billing page that will allow you to export a .csv of your usage data. You can export all of your charges or you can narrow it down by section for easy accounting.


"Export Summary" / "Export All Charges" For All Services

In the top right of the Billing page, next to the date selection drop down box, you will see the "Export Summary" and "Export All Charges" buttons. These options will allow you to generate two different views of your billing data.


Once you click one of these buttons, a report will be generated and sent to the email address that you are currently signed into the app with.


You should now have an email from in your inbox titled either "Billing Details" or "Billing Summary," based on which export option you chose. Open this email and click the "Download CSV" button. This will download a .csv file to your computer that can be opened with a variety of applications, such as Google Sheets, Numbers, or Excel.


Once you have opened this file in your preferred application, you will see a spread sheet as seen in one of the examples below based on which export option you selected.


Export Summary


This sheet will show you a summarized breakdown of all of your billing data. This includes subscriptions, digital sales by product / title and units sold, Upsell Campaign data, Video data, and an overall combined total at the bottom of the sheet.


Export All Charges


This sheet will show you a detailed breakdown of your billing data, including fees associated with each individual order and transaction across all services.


"Export Summary" / "Export Charges" By Individual Service

Accessing a breakdown of fees associated with each individual service is just as easy!

From the main Billing page, scroll down to the category you would like to view, and you will see two buttons on the top of each section. "Export Summary" and "Export Charges"


Selecting either of these options will generate and email a CSV file for download, as seen in the "Export Summary" / "Export All Charges" for all Services section above.


Export Summary

This option will export a spread sheet that contains a quick view of each item in the category and the total fees associated with them.



Export Charges

This option will export a spread sheet that contains a more detailed overview of each individual order and item in each service, as well as the fees associated with them.



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