How Do Customers Access the Livestream Event?

Single uses Shopify's in-store accounts and our ticketing mechanism to provide fans access to the stream player once they log in – no special codes or links required!

Curious what the process of buying a ticket, logging in, and watching a livestream or rental event looks like for your fans? You can give it a try yourself!

1. Create an account in your store (this can be done now or later).
2. Purchase a ticket or item with a ticket attached to it from your store.
3. Go to the email that was sent to them at purchase and click the "Log in to Watch" button.
4. If an account was made earlier, they will log in to your store using that info. If not, they will be prompted to make an account now using the email address they provided when they purchased the ticket.
5. Enjoy the show!

Check out the below video to see the fan experience from start to finish:

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