How Do I Create a Merch Table?

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Every good show needs merch!

Not only does selling merchandise during an event offer fans the chance to purchase something to remember the show with, it also provides a fantastic source of additional revenue to you as an artist / creator.

This is why Single has made setting up a merch table for your event quick and easy!

Note: If you haven't already created products for your Shopify store, you will need to do so in order to add them to your merch table. For more info on how to do this and how to create collections of products, please check out these helpful support articles from Shopify:

Creating Products Within Shopify

Creating Collections Within Shopify

Adding Individual Products

You can add products to your merch table individually or as collections. Let's start with adding them one at a time. 

Navigate to your Livestream or Rental within your Single account and click on the "Merch Table" tab at the top right of the page.


Once you are on the Merch Table page, go to the "Search Products" field and type in the name of a product in your Shopify store that you would like to add to your merch table. 



Adding Product Collections

You can also add a full collection of products to your merch table all at once! An easy way to do this is to create a collection in your Shopify store called "(event name) Merch Table", and add all the products you would like to have displayed on your table to that collection. Once you have done so, back in the Single app, go to the "Search Collections" field, type in the name of your collection, and click it to add it to the table.


You can add any combination of products collections and individual products (up to 50 total) to your merch table. Once you have finished adding items to your table, click "Save" and you're good to go!


Reordering / Removing / Restoring Products

You can view what items are all on your merch table at anytime from the "Info" page of your event.


From here, you can reorganize where products sit on the table as well as remove / restore them.

To change the order in which products will display on your table, simply use the arrows on the left side of each product row to move it to the desired position.


To remove a product from your merch table, simply click the archive button on the right side of the product row. After it has been archived, if you want to restore it, just click the restore arrow button where the archive button was previously.


The Finished Product

You're merch table is now ready for action! The below screenshot is what the table we set up in the above example will look like on the event page fans will see.


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