Creating Tickets for Your Video Event on Shopify

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If fans are going to watch your event, they're going to need tickets!

You can access the ticket page for your event by clicking the "Tickets" tab on the top right of the event page, or by clicking the "Create Tickets" button within the Tickets section of the "Info" page.


Once you are on the Tickets page, you will be able to select the type of ticket product you would like to create.



Create Standalone Ticket

This is the most basic way to create a ticket for your event. It allows you to create a regular ticket product in your store that fans can purchase just like any other item.

Upon clicking the "Create Standalone Ticket" option, the following window will appear. Simply select an image to represent the ticket in your store, name it, select your price, and then hit "Save & Close". Simple as that!



Attach to Existing Products

Want to include access to your video event with the purchase of a CD? How about bundle a ticket and t-shirt together? No problem!

Click the "Attach to Existing Products" option to go to the Ticket Attachment page.

From here, you can search for any products, or collections of products, that you would like to include a ticket with! 


When you select products to attach tickets to, they will be added to the Attachment Queue. There are a couple of toggles to pay attention to here: "Managed Fulfillment" and "Deliver to Existing Orders."


Managed Fulfillment: Only enable this toggle if you have created a ticket product in your Shopify store (not from using the Create Standalone Ticket function within the Single app) and want to include access to your event when people purchase that product. This way, since it is digital product, orders for that ticket product with automatically be marked as fulfilled. Do NOT turn this for physical products. 

Note: In the case of tickets, the Managed Fulfillment feature will rarely need to be enabled and will typically be left turned off.

Deliver to Existing Orders: When enabled, this option will automatically email a ticket to anyone who has previously purchased the product you are attaching that ticket to. If you do not want previous purchasers of the product to receive a ticket, turn this feature off.



To create a package bundle that includes other merch and a ticket, you will want to create a new product for it, detailing what's included, from within your Shopify store. For example, if you wanted to make a bundle with a t-shirt, CD, and a ticket, you would want to create a new product in your store titled something like "T-Shirt + CD + Event Ticket".


Once you have created your product in Shopify, add it to the Attachment Queue from the Ticket Attachment page back in the Single app.

If you have multiple variants of the product you are attaching a ticket too (e.g. different shirt sizes), you will be prompted to select which variants you would like to include the ticket with. Make your selection and click "Add to Queue."


Note: If you are attaching tickets to digital or physical music products, they will be ineligible for chart reporting in the US. For international chart eligibility, please refer to these articles:

Do My Sales Get Reported to the OCC?

Do My Sales Get Reported to ARIA?


Ticket Delivery Email

Just like with any other features of the app, Single prides itself in letting you customize and brand your store in just the way you like! That's why we give you the option to control exactly what the emails sent to fans will say when they buy a ticket or a product that has a ticket attached to it.

In the Customize Ticket Delivery Email section, you can choose the title, message, support links, and timezone for your ticket emails. Additionally, you can choose to disable email notifications for ticket purchases all together via the Disable Email Notification toggle, if you would like. 

Note: You can leave these fields blank, resulting in the default ticket delivery email with your event poster and info being sent to fans. However, we recommend customizing it a bit to make it feel more personal!


In the example above, we've entered our basic suggested template for a delivery email. The following is what that would look like upon delivery:


For more info on ticket delivery emails, check out our helpful support article.


Managing Tickets

Back on the Info page of your event, you can see a list of all ticket items and products that have tickets attached to them. You will also be able to see how many of each you have sold, as well as the total revenue earned per item.


If you would like to remove a ticket or a ticket attachment from a product, simply click the Archive button on the desired item line:


Once you have archived a ticket or ticket attachment, the Archive icon will turn into a Restore icon. Click this to restore the ticket or attachment.


Gift Tickets

You will notice that upon creating a ticket for your event, another instance called a "Gift Ticket" will automatically appear along side of it. This is simply the product that Single uses to transfer tickets from one person to another when requested. It works behind the scenes and you do not need to do anything with it.


Do NOT delete this gift ticket product from within your Shopify store. If you do this, Single will be unable to transfer tickets between fans for your event when requested.

Additionally, do NOT make the gift ticket product visible within your store front, as it will not work if purchased like a normal ticket.




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