Can I Create Variants of Products Published by Single on Shopify?

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Yes and No...

If you use Single to publish digital album products directly to your Shopify store, you may want to add add variants to fit your use case. While we can ingest variants created off of the digital album product published by Single, we cannot ingest variants created off of individual track products.


Creating Variants of Digital Album Products

After you've created your digital release, simply navigate to the product in Shopify and add your variant.


Then open your Single App:

  • Navigate to the digital album.
  • Select "Attach to Existing Product."
  • Search for the title of the album.
  • Select only the new variant(s) you created.
  • Set your Attachment Type and Reporting Type.
  • Create Attachments.


Creating Variants of Individual Digital Track Products

Single does not support variants of Individual Digital Track Products created by Single. Do not create variants of individual track products published by Single. Note that if you do so, the digital track will NOT be delivered.


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