How Do I Replace the Audio for a Track?

Have a presale album with placeholder tracks that need to be swapped out? Accidentally upload the wrong audio file for a track on your album? No problem! Changing out the audio for a track is fast and easy!

Note: For more info on presale albums and placeholder tracks, check out this article.

Go to the digital release you want to replace audio files for and click the "Edit" button on the top right of the page.


Scroll down to your track list and find the one you want to swap out the audio for. You can either click the "Replace Audio" button here on the right side of the track list...


...or the one on the top right of the track edit page, once you have clicked on the desired track.


This will bring up a file browser window from which you can select the desired audio file you wish to upload as the replacement.


Once the track has finished uploading, hit the "Save" button.

Swap out any other audio files you need to for the rest of the tracks on the release and when you're done, hit the "Confirm Changes" button.

That's all there is to it! The new audio file(s) will now be delivered when people purchase the release, or when it gets sent out on release day to anyone who had pre-ordered it.

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