Creating a Ticketed Pre-Recorded Livestream on Shopify

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This article is about setting up a ticketed pre-recorded livestream event directly in your storefront. For instructions about publishing a standard livestream event, click here. For instructions about publishing a rental event, click here

Creating a pre-recorded livestream event in your storefront is easy with Single's self-service video tool!

Note: You would create a pre-recorded livestream event when you have a pre-recorded video that you want to premier as though it's happening live. It works the same as a standard livestream, but instead of it streaming live video to the server, you upload a video file that airs at the time you designate. This is also frequently referred to as a "Simulated Livestream." 

First thing you'll need to do is go to the Livestreams tab on the navigation tool bar to the left side of the Single app.

If this is your first time creating a Livestream event in the Single app, you will see the below landing page (if you already have any events created, you will see a list of those as well as the option to create a new event). Click the "+ Setup Livestream" button. 


From this page, select the "Pre-Recorded Livestream Event" option.


Note: In order to create video events, it is required that you at least have accounts set to optional in your Shopify store. This is to ensure proper ticketing and that your fans will be able to access the video content they purchase tickets for without trouble.

If you have not already enabled accounts for your store, you will be asked to do so on the page shown above. Click "Enable Accounts".


You will be taken to your Shopify store's settings page. From here, select either "Accounts are optional" or "Accounts are required" and save the changes.


Once accounts are enabled in your store, you can continue forward in the event creation process.


The Create Pre-Recorded Livestream Event / Edit Page

Continue on to the Create Pre-Recorded Livestream Event / Edit page. Here, you can fill out details for the event such as the title, the artist(s) or creator featured, and the artwork for the Event Poster.
Additionally, this is where you will select the date and time of your stream, as well as choose the replay period for the event after it concludes.

After your livestream has concluded, a VOD replay will be created with playback controls that will be available until the Replay Cutoff Date/Time that you select (the available replay length is determined by your subscription tier). During this playback period, fans may rewatch the event as many times as they would like. The video will appear in the same player as the original, so no additional links or URLs are needed. Additionally, if you leave the ticket product available in your store during this period, people who did not purchase tickets during the initial airing will be able to do so and watch the event until the end of the replay period.



The Configure Page

On the next screen, the Configure page, you will be able to upload the video file for your event as well as change the thumbnail that fans will see for it in the video player before the content begins.

To upload your video, simply drag and drop a file of the correct size and format into the video uploader field, or click anywhere within it to open the upload browser window and select your file that way.

By default, the video thumbnail will be the "Stay Tuned" image seen below. If you would like to use your own thumbnail, simply click the "x" at the top right of the image to clear it, then drag the desired image file into the field. 

Note: It is recommended that you use an image with a 16:9 aspect ratio for the thumbnail.


Choose when Doors open

When Doors are set to closed, fans can login but will only see your event artwork / poster and countdown.


If doors are open, fans will be able to view the player, view your promoted products, and chat (if you have enabled it)! 

Be sure the doors are set to open BEFORE the stream begins.

The Page URL will automatically generate once your video file is uploaded. This is the address of the store page where your video will be located.

The FAQ Link is where your fans will be directed for questions regarding the video event. By default, this is set to the Single support desk, which has the answers to most commonly asked questions. However, if you like, you may change this link to any valid URL you choose.

The Chat Enabled switch sets whether or not you will allow fans to chat with each other in the side bar during the stream.

The Countdown Enabled switch sets whether or not you will have a countdown timer on the video player leading up to the premier of the event.


Once your video file is uploaded, it will show up where the file uploader was and begin to playback. If you would like to change the uploaded file, simply click "Replace Video File" and drag in the new file when prompted. 

To see what the video will look like in your store, click the "Preview in Shop" button.




Next, you will need to create tickets to your event for your fans to purchase! Click the "Create Tickets" button at the bottom of the Configure page.


Here, you can either create a standalone ticket product, or you can attach them to existing products as an add on in your store.


If you click "Create Standalone Ticket", a window will pop up where you can name your ticket product, select your price, and upload the image you would like to have represent the product in your store.


The ticket you created in Single will populate in your Shopify inventory under the name that you gave it.


If you click "Attach to Existing Products", you will be brought to the Attach page, where you can select which products or collections to attach tickets to. Simply search for the product or collection of products you would like to attach tickets to, select them to add them to the queue, and click "Save Attachments"


For more info on creating and attaching tickets, check out our helpful support article.


Ticket Delivery Email

Just like with any other features of the app, Single prides itself in letting you customize and brand your store in just the way you like! That's why we give you the option to control exactly what the emails sent to fans will say when they buy a ticket or a product that has a ticket attached to it.

In the Customize Ticket Delivery Email section, you can choose the title, message, support links, and timezone for your ticket emails. Additionally, you can choose to disable email notifications for ticket purchases all together via the Disable Email Notification toggle, if you would like. 

Note: You can leave these fields blank, resulting in the default ticket delivery email with your event poster and info being sent to fans. However, we recommend customizing it a bit to make it feel more personal!


In the example above, we've entered our basic suggested template for a delivery email. The following is what that would look like upon delivery:


For more info on ticket delivery emails, check out our helpful support article.


Promoted Products

What's a show without merch? Once you've created your tickets, you can set up products to promote during your stream and create a sort of virtual merch table! These products will be displayed below the video player.


Search your store for the products or collections of products you want to promote during your stream. When you are done, hit the "Save" button.


The items you select will appear for purchase below the video player during the event, giving fans quick and easy access to some of your best merchandise, right in the heat of the show!

Here is an example of how some promoted products will look on the event page:


Note: For more info on setting up your promoted products, check out our helpful support article.


Activate Your Pre-Recorded Stream

Now that you've setup your stream, created tickets, and you've set up your promoted products, it's time to activate the event! 

Hit the Activation banner at the top of the page.


The event will be added as a page in your Shopify Admin. We recommend adding that page to your navigation so fans can easily locate and access it. Fans can also access the event via their order confirmation sent out by Single.


Note: For more information on adding the Video Event page to your Shopify navigation, check out our helpful support article.


What Do I Do After the Stream Is Over?

Sit back and relax!

Once your stream has finished, our system will automatically detect this and change it into a video on demand that customers will be able to access until the end of the replay date you set earlier!



Happy Streaming!

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