DO THIS FIRST: Update Shopify App Permissions

Due to a small change in the permissions needed to get NFTs up and running in your store, you will first need to update Shopify App Permissions for Single Music before you can start selling your NFT to the masses. Don't worry, this is super easy and only takes a minute!

First, from your Shopify Admin, click the "Apps" tab on the left side of the page.

Next, click "Single Music."


On the following page, scroll down and click the "Update App" button.




If you are not a Shopify Plus user, it is required per Shopify's terms of service that you disable Shopify Payments while you have NFTs for sale in your store. Please see our article, How To Disable Shopify Payments, to learn how.


That's it! Now go create the next big NFT!

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