The Fan Experience

What's buying your NFT like for your fans?

Upon purchasing an NFT, fans can either claim it right from their Order Confirmation page...


...or via the email they receive that has a "Claim Your NFT" button in it.


Upon clicking the button, they will be taken to the Claim landing page. If they only purchased an NFT, it will look like this:


If they purchased an NFT and an associated album, it will look like this, with the music download section and claim button combined into the same page:


Next, they will be prompted to connect their crypto wallet, or directed to create one.


Once they have their wallet connected, they will be able to transfer the NFT into it. The entire claiming process only takes a minute and is incredibly easy, even for someone who isn't familiar with crypto or NFTs!


Note: Want to see the full claiming process from start to end? Check out our fan-side article, How to Claim Your NFT.

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