How Should I Upload Sample and Loop Packs for Shopify?

Note: In order to utilize the "Additional Files" feature, you must be on the Bronze subscription tier or higher.

Sample and Loop packs can get pretty large, and having to upload each individual file can be a daunting task. This is why we suggest making use of the "Additional Files" feature we offer while creating your digital release.

A good practice is to upload any samples or loops you want to be in the preview player as individual tracks while you are creating your digital release, then upload the remainder of the pack via the Additional Files section. You can upload up to 50 individual files for preview. It is possible to upload more as individual tracks in this manner if you so choose, but only 50 can be preview enabled.


After you have uploaded the files you want to have a preview for, click on each one and ensure the "30s Preview" toggle is turned on. Additionally, If you don't want customers to have the option to purchase the preview-able samples individually, make sure to enable the "Album Only Track" toggle for each track.

Note: If you do not plan to sell the preview-able samples individually and have "Album Only Track" toggled on for each file, you do not need to worry about what the price field of each individual file is set to, since they will not be able to be purchased outside of the full sample/loop pack. You can just leave this field as the default value, 0.99.


Once you have uploaded the samples/loops that you want to be preview-able, you'll want to use the "Additional Files" section to upload a zip folder of your remaining content (the rest of the samples/audio, midi, instrument patches, etc.). Scroll down to it and expand it using the white arrow on the left side of the section. You can either click the upload box to select your content or drag and drop your file(s) into it.


After you finish uploading your zip file and/or whatever other content you would like to include, you will see it listed underneath the drag and drop box. 


Finally, after you have completed any uploads and reviewed your digital release for sale, to ensure that your preview-able samples appear on the product page, make sure to publish the release to your store WITH AUDIO PLAYER.



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