What Should I Include on My NFT Product Page on Shopify?

Besides what's automatically generated for you when you create an NFT in Single, it's generally a good idea to give customers a brief overview of what the process of purchasing an NFT from you will look like. You can do this by including a bit of text on the product page for the NFT. This can be whatever you want it to be, but here is a general template you can use to get started:


NFT = Non-Fungible Token

1. Purchase your NFT

2. Receive your NFT claim notification via email
(this may take a few minutes to arrive)

3. Claim your NFT

4. Connect your digital, Solana compatible wallet

5. Transfer your NFT to your digital wallet
(this may take a few minutes to complete)

6. Enjoy your exclusive NFT!

One way to add this to your NFT product page is by inserting a Rich Text Field section on the page. You can do this from within your Shopify Admin by going:

Online Store > Products (top drop down menu) > Default Product (top drop down menu) > Change (left side of screen in sidebar next to "preview") > *search for your NFT and select it* > Add Section (left side of screen in sidebar) > Rich Text (may need to click "show more" if you do not see this option right away).

Once you have the section added, you can edit it however you would like by clicking on the different sections and changing what text is or is not included there:


Additionally, you can move the section to whatever part of your page (from top to bottom in the left hand sidebar) you want by dragging and dropping it using the 6 dots next to the section title:




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