How To Offer Exclusive Discounts to NFT Holders on Shopify

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Note: This guide is based on the assumption that you have already created an NFT, or that you are in the process of creating one and have reached the Utility section. Additionally, if you are not already familiar with Single's tokengating feature, please view THIS article before proceeding.

Offering exclusive discounts to your NFT holders is a popular way to incentivize and push sales! With the tokengating feature that Single offers, this is easy to set up. This guide will walk you through the process. 

In this example, we have a T-Shirt and Vinyl available for purchase in our store, as well as our NFT that grants access to the discounted products. What we want is for non-NFT holders to only see the regular priced T-Shirt and Vinyl, but for customers who do have the NFT in their wallet to have access to the discounted versions of the products in a special section.

Since the Utility functions of an NFT will not directly control the price of products for NFT holders, but instead, control what products are viewable/purchasable by said holders, we will need to create some duplicates of the products in Shopify that you want to offer discounts on. To do this, we go to our Shopify Admin. Under the Products section there, we can find the products we want to offer discounts on. From there, we will click on those products, hit the "Duplicate" button in the top right, and select the details we want to copy over.

Note: You CANNOT accomplish this by creating variants of the regular, non-discounted versions of the products. Completely separate products are required in order for this process to work properly.


Once we have duplicated our desired products, we'll adjust the price of them to reflect the discount we would like to offer. In the case of the T-Shirt shown here, the regular price is $24.99, so we have chosen to offer the discounted version for $19.99.

Additionally, to make it easier to differentiate between the standard and discounted versions of the product, we have added "(NFT Holder Discount)" to the Title field of the discounted version.


As you can see below, we now have duplicates of the T-Shirt and Vinyl products in our store with adjusted prices and titles. 


If you want to limit how many of these discounted products are available, you can set the inventory of them in Shopify to be whatever is appropriate. In this case, we plan to sell 100 NFTs that allow access to the discounted products, so we set their available quantities to 100. This ensures that every NFT holder will have the option to buy one of each product at a discount (we will limit each customer to only 1 of each product when we set up the NFT Utility in Single). 

Note: The inventory quantities of the non-discounted product and the discounted product are NOT linked together. Purchases of one of those products will not affect the inventory quantity of the other product. Because of this, despite the item technically being the same for both products, you must treat the Shopify inventory of each as though they are unrelated products.

Note: If the "Available" amount in Single shows as more than you have set your inventory in Shopify to for the tokengated/discounted product, don't worry. This won't change what you have set in Shopify or affect how many are actually available. Your actual available inventory amount in Shopify is the source of truth here. False replenishment or adjustments of your product inventory will not be caused by this.



If you plan to sell more NFTs than you have inventory of your tokengated/discounted products in Shopify, this will result in a "first come, first serve" type setup, where not all customers who purchase the NFT will have a chance to also purchase the gated/discounted products. If you plan to set things up this way, it is highly suggested that you make it VERY well known to customers before they purchase the NFT. You can do this by providing details in the "Description" field of the NFT product in Shopify or Single, email communications, etc.


Now that we have taken care of things within Shopify, let's go to our Single app and set up the Utility of the NFT.

Note: We have already created our NFT ahead of time in this scenario, so we will just be adding the Utility functions to it after the fact. If you have not already created your NFT and would like a full walkthrough of the process, please see HERE.

From the Utility page of our pre-existing NFT, in the "Gated Access" section, we will search for and add the discounted products we created earlier in Shopify. We will leave the "Required NFT Amount" and "Permitted Purchase Quantity" fields at their default value of 1. Having the "Required NFT Amount" field set to 1 tells the system that customers only need to be holding 1 of the NFT in order to access the gated/discounted products. Having the "Permitted Purchase Quantity" field set to 1 tells the system that each NFT holder may only purchase 1 of that particular product. 

Though you can set it however you'd like, it is common place to leave the "Discounts Allowed" switch deactivated when you are using this method to set up products with prices that are already lowered. The Discounts Allowed switch determines whether or not the item is eligible for typical Shopify discounts, such as automatic discounts, discount codes, etc. To prevent customers from further discounting an already discounted exclusive product, it is standard to leave this turned off. However, as stated above, this is purely up to user preference.

Additionally, we have changed the "Transfer Successful Message" (what customers will see on the landing page after successfully claiming their NFT) to say "Go to the store to see the discounts you've unlocked!" This message is accompanied by a button they can click to be automatically directed to the page containing the tokengated/discounted products.

Note: You can read more about the "Required NFT Amount," "Permitted Purchase Quantity," "Content Preview," options and more in our comprehensive How to Tokengate Content and Commerce on Shopify article.


Pro tip! While creating your NFT (this cannot be added if your NFT has already been published), tell customers what it will do for them and what they can expect upon purchase in the "Description" section for it in Single. In this case, we chose to say "Holders receive exclusive shop discounts!"


Now that we have added our tokengated/discounted products to the Utility section of our NFT, they will appear on the NFT page within Single, as you can see below.


Let's see how things look!

After a customer purchases and claims the NFT, they will see the Transfer Successful landing page.


Upon clicking the "View Now" button, they will be directed to the tokengated/discounted products in your store. This page will require them to connect their wallet in order to view its contents.

Note: In this case, we decided to add the "Gated Content" page that was automatically created in Shopify to our store Navigation. We have added it under the title of "NFT Exclusives". This will allow customers to easily access any exclusive products, tokengated content, etc., that they have unlocked with the NFTs they hold in their wallet. Now, even if they lose their NFT Claim email that brought them to the "View Now" button, they will be able to access that page directly from your store front. For more info on these automatically created pages, adding them to your store navigation, and much more, please see the full How to Tokengate Content and Commerce on Shopify article. 


After connecting their wallet, NFT holders will be granted access to view and purchase the discounted products!





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