Can I Edit a Published Membership?

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To some extent...

Once a membership has been published, it will only be FULLY editable before its start date. After the start date has passed, many key aspects will become uneditable, such as pricing, the ability to alter existing tiers/terms, etc. However, you will always be able to edit and update what content is gated behind the membership tiers.

Below is a full list of what aspects of a published membership CAN and CANNOT be edited once its start date as passed:

CAN be edited/added

  • Gated Content
  • Tier Descriptions
  • Additional Tiers
  • Additional Tier Terms (if not already using all options)
  • Creator Name
  • Tier Display Order

CANNOT be edited

  • Pricing
  • Membership Name
  • Membership Start Date/Time
  • Existing Tier Names
  • Existing Tier Terms

Note: Membership tiers and terms can technically be archived, but caution is vital when doing so!  Archiving these things will result in members on those tiers/terms being instantly and irreversibly removed and lost. Please see THIS article before archiving any membership or membership tier/term.


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