What Happens If You Archive a Membership, Tier, or Term?

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🚨Be extra careful before archiving ANY aspects of your membership!🚨

When a membership, membership tier, or term of a membership tier is archived, any customer who is a member of said archived thing will immediately have their membership cancelled and will lose access to any membership based content. This is IRREVERSIBLE. This is why Single has implemented the extra security measure of requiring users to manually type in the name of their membership before they are able to archive it. This prevents any accidents from occurring.

❗️Restoring/republishing the membership/tier/term, will NOT restore the lost member base or any lost memberships.❗️

If a customer loses their membership because the membership/tier/term was archived, they will NOT be automatically refunded in partial or whole. The Shopify store will be completely responsible for determining whether or not refunds will be issued and issuing/providing said refunds.

Any members lost in this manner will need to repurchase their membership at full price and restart their term, if they would like to continue being a member.

❗️All this being said, a membership/tier/term should ONLY be archived if there are no active members of it.❗️

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