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What fees are associated with creating a membership?

In order to utilize the memberships feature, you must be on the Silver Tier or higher. See our pricing page for more info. Additionally, Single collects $1.00 per member each month.


What happens if a customer cancels their membership?

Upon canceling their membership, auto renewal will cease for the customer, but they will retain access to their paid membership for the remainder of the term.


What happens if a customer upgrades or downgrades their membership?

When a customer upgrades/downgrades their membership, they will be immediately charged for it and placed on the new tier they have selected. The new term begins at that time (it does not stay consistent with the term of their prior membership). No pro-rated pricing between tiers is accounted for when upgrading/downgrading. 


What payment processor can be used for memberships?

It is required that one of the following payment processors is enabled in order to utilize memberships:

This is what powers recurring billing and auto renewal of memberships. With that in mind, if using Shopify Payments, that also opens up the use of things such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. This is because both Google Pay and Apple Pay are compatible with/work with Shopify Payments to allow for recurring billing as well.

See HERE for further details on the requirements for memberships.


Do accounts need to be enabled in my store to utilize memberships?

Yes. It is required that you at least have accounts set to optional in your Shopify store, as customers who sign up for memberships are required to have them. This is how a recurring membership and exclusive access are able to be linked to a specific customer in your store.


Is there an easy way to filter my customer base by which membership they're on?

Absolutely! This can be done directly within your Shopify admin. When a customer purchases a membership from you, Single automatically attaches a tag to their customer profile within Shopify. The tag looks like: "Membership Name" - "Tier Name" (remove quotations). You can simply search your Shopify customer base for whichever membership you want in order to see all customers who are on that current membership.

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