Can I Edit Tokengated Content After an NFT is Already Published or the Mint Has Been Ended?

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You can edit what content is tokengated by an NFT at anytime, regardless of publication status or if the mint has been ended. This allows you to continually provide value and new content to holders well after the NFT has sold out/ended. 

Doing so is easy! 

In the Single app, simply go to the NFT you want to edit the tokengated content for and click the "Edit Gated Access" button.


After doing this, you will be brought to the content gating page, where you can either remove old content by clicking the Archive symbol next to it, or add new content by clicking the "Add Item" button below the existing content. You can also edit details for existing content such as the Required Amount, Allowed Quantity, Discount Allowed, and Preview Enabled fields/toggles.


Once you have finished making any adjustments, be sure to click "Save All!"


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