How To Offer Exclusive Discounts To Members

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Note: This guide is based on the assumption that you have already created a Membership, or that you are in the process of creating one and are at the stage of selecting gated content for it.

Offering exclusive discounts to your members is a popular way to incentivize and push your member count! Setting this up in Single is simple! This guide will walk you through the process. 

In this example, we want to take a vinyl, hoodie, and t-shirt that we already have for sale and offer them to members at a discounted price in a special section of the store.

Since we can't directly control the price of the gated products while creating a membership, to accomplish this, we will create duplicates of the products we want to discount and make these discounted copies only viewable by members. We can take care of the duplication part from within our Shopify Admin. Under the Products section there, we can find the products we want to offer discounts on. From there, we will click on those products, hit the "Duplicate" button in the top right, and select the details we want to copy over.

Note: You CANNOT accomplish this by creating variants of the regular, non-discounted versions of the products. Completely separate products are required in order for this process to work properly.


Once we have duplicated our desired product(s), we'll adjust the price to reflect the discount we would like to offer. In the case of the vinyl shown here, the regular price is $19.98, so we have chosen to offer the discounted version for $14.98.

Additionally, to make it easier to differentiate between the standard and discounted versions of the product, we have added "(Member Discount)" to the Title field of the discounted version.


As you can see below, we now have a duplicate of the vinyl product in our store with adjusted prices and titles.

We will repeat this process for the t-shirt and hoodie products as well.


Note: The inventory quantities of the non-discounted product and the discounted product are NOT linked together. Purchases of one of those products will not affect the inventory quantity of the other product. Because of this, despite the item technically being the same for both products, you must treat the Shopify inventory of each as though they are unrelated products.


Now, let's move over to the Single app and set up the gated content in our membership.

While creating or editing a membership tier (in this case, we're only offering one tier for the membership), we'll make sure to include a short description of the membership's perks in the "About" field.


Next, we'll add our gated/discounted products in the "Gated Access" section. We will choose to leave the "Allowed Quantity" field as "1" for all of the products, to ensure that members can only purchase the discounted versions once each. 

Though you can set it however you'd like, it is common place to leave the "Discount Allowed" switch deactivated when you are using this method to set up products with prices that are already lowered. The Discount Allowed switch determines whether or not the item is eligible for typical Shopify discounts, such as automatic discounts, discount codes, etc. To prevent customers from further discounting an already discounted exclusive product, it is standard to leave this turned off. However, as stated above, this is purely up to user preference.

Note: You can read more about the "Allowed Quantity," "Discount Allowed," and "Preview Enabled," in our comprehensive Creating a Membership article.


Let's go see what this looks like in our store!

Note: In this case, we decided to add the "Exclusives" page that was automatically created in Shopify to our store Navigation. We have added it under the title of "Member Exclusives". This will allow customers to easily access any exclusive/early access products, gated content, etc., that they have unlocked with their membership(s). For more info on these automatically created pages, adding them to your store navigation, and much more, please see the full Creating a Membership article.

When clicking the "Member Exclusives" page that we added to our store Navigation, customers will be prompted to login to their store account.


Upon logging in, members will see the three discounted versions we created of our products and will be able to purchase them at these lower prices!




Want to update which products are available to members at a discounted price over time? See our article on updating which content is gated/unlocked by memberships.

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