Adding Your Membership Pages to Your Shopify Store Navigation

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Note: This article is a continuation of the Creating a Membership article and assumes you have already created a membership in the Single app.

Once you've published a membership in Shopify, you'll need to add a few pages to your store's navigation so that fans can easily become paid members and, of course, view the exclusive content they've unlocked! Let's take a look at how this works:


The Pages

In order to gate products and pages behind memberships on Shopify, it is required that Single move them off of any sales channels. Don't worry, gated products and pages will still be accessible and purchasable to customers who meet the membership requirement! This is just how Single runs the show in the background. 👌



Do NOT add gated pages or products back to any sales channels. If you do so, the gating functionality will cease to function.

Additionally, do not edit pricing or other details of your membership tier products within Shopify. Doing so can result in unfixable errors.


In addition to removing gated items from any sales channels in your store, Single creates couple pages that are used to power the gating process in your Shop and give customers a place to manage their membership. There are listed below:

  • Membership: A page where fans can go to manage and view their membership. Alternatively, if they visit this page and are not already a member, they will be prompted with the option to do so. This should be added directly to your store Navigation/Menus.
  • Gated Content: A page where members can see their current membership and all of the content they can buy or view in your store because of their membership. It is generally a good idea to add this page directly to your store Navigation/Menus.


DO NOT delete or rename these pages, as it will break the content gating functionality. When you add a page to your navigation, it will allow you to give it a display name that people will see. Here, it is fine to use whatever DISPLAY name you want for the page. Just don't actually RENAME the pages.


The Gated Content Page

Start by adding the Gated Content page to your store Navigation. By going to this page, customers can quickly see any unlocked, exclusive products that they have access to based on their membership.

To add this page to your store Navigation, from your Shopify Admin, simply go to Online Store > Navigation > Menus > Main Menu > Add Menu Item > Search for/Add "Gated Content" > Save Menu

Note: For a more detailed explanation of how to edit and add to your Navigation, click HERE.

In the example below, we have chosen to have this link display as "Exclusive Content."

Note: While you must not change the ACTUAL name of the page, while adding the page to your Navigation/Menu, you change the name that will be displayed for it. This does not rename the page itself, just the actionable item/button that directs customers to it.


When visiting the "Gated Content" page, customers will be prompted to login to their account.

If the customer IS a member, after logging into their account, they will be able to access any exclusive gated content associated with their membership.

If the customer IS NOT a member, after logging into their account, they will simply see a page stating that there is no exclusive content viewable to them at this time.

Note: Gated content that is preview-able, but the customer does NOT have the appropriate NFT to unlock, will NOT be included on this page. 


Tidying Up Membership Products/Options

You can make things look a little nicer by organizing your different membership tier products/options. You can do this in a couple different ways. 

1. Via Shopify Collection

The most basic way is to put the different membership tier products into a collection that customers can easily access from our homepage. To do this, you'll want to make a collection called something like “Become a Member” inside your Shopify Admin. Then, add your different membership tier products to that collection.

Note: For a more detailed explanation of how to create and edit collections in Shopify, click HERE.


Finally, add the collection to your Navigation/Main Menu using the same method you used earlier to add the “Gated Content” page to your Navigation/Main Menu. Again, that would entail going to your Shopify Admin, then going to Online Store > Navigation > Menus > Main Menu > Add Menu Item > Search for/Add "Become a Member" > Save Menu.

This will add a button to your Main Menu that customers can click to quickly access the different membership tier products.



2. Via Individual Membership Collections With Previews

Note: This method is a slight bit more advanced. If you want to keep things simple, you can do so by just using the first method listed above.

The method above looks great! However, wouldn't it be nice if customers had a way to see what content each membership tier unlocked before becoming a member?

This is easy to do! By using the following method to organize and display our different membership tier products/options in your store, not only will it give customers an easy place to find each option, but it will also allow them to see what each tier unlocks, if you have "Content Preview" enabled for your gated content.

First, you'll want to create a drop down menu in your Navigation called something like "Memberships." Then, within that drop down menu, you'll have listings for each of your tier options (“Bronze Tier,” “Silver Tier,” and “Gold Tier" in the example used below).

Note: Click HERE to read more about creating drop down menus in Shopify.

Now, go to the Navigation section in your Shopify Admin. From there, click "Main Menu."


Next, click "Add Menu Item." Name this new menu item something like "Memberships" and make it so that it doesn't link anywhere (you're just using this menu item as the drop down section for your individual membership tier content pages, so it doesn't need to link anywhere itself). You can do this by adding # in the link section.


Now, nest/add your individual membership tier content pages within the "Memberships" menu item that was just created. Click "Add Menu Item" again and name it after the tier you're adding. This time, though, instead of searching for an already existing page or location in the store within the Link field, we'll go back to the Single app. From there, you'll need to go to the membership tier that you want to link to.

Once you're viewing that membership tier in the Single app again, click the "View Gated Content Collection" button.


The page that opens is what you'll want to link to within your drop down menu item for that tier. Copy the URL from the page that has opened.


Now that you have your URL, go back to Shopify, paste it into the Link field of the new menu item, and click the "Add" button.


Now you can drag this new membership tier menu item into the existing "Memberships" menu item to nest it within and create a drop down menu. Repeat this process for your remaining tiers! When you're done, you should have something that looks like this:


Make sure to hit the "Save Menu" button on the bottom right of the page afterwards!

You should now have a dropdown menu in your store along these lines:


Nice! 😎

If a customer clicks on any of the menu items nested under "Memberships," they'll be taken to the gated content display page for that particular membership tier. Here, they will be able to see the content that is unlocked by that specific membership tier, as well as whether or not they are already a member, but only if the "Content Preview" toggle is turned on for the content. If the "Content Preview" toggle is left off, customers who are not already a member will not see a preview of the gated content when clicking on the content display page for that particular membership tier. In that case, the gated content will not show up for the customer anywhere in the store until they meet the proper membership requirements .

Here is an examples of what one of these tier pages looks like when the "Content Preview" toggle is left on:



Adding The Membership Page

Don't forget to add the Membership page somewhere in your store where customers can access it so they can easily manage their membership! You can do this using the same method used multiple times so far in this article: Online Store > Navigation > Menus > Select or Add Menu > Add Menu Item > Search for/Add "Membership" > Save Menu.

To keep things clean, you could even just nest it along with the other tier pages made in the previous step. Name it something like "My Membership."


For customers who are already subscribed, the Membership page is where they can view and manage their memberships as you can see below:


For customers who are not already members, they will be presented with the option to become one:


In Conclusion

There are MANY options available that allow you to set all of this up however you like and customize your exclusive content and memberships in a way that suits your particular store. Get creative and experiment with different layouts, membership tiers and types, content preview enabled vs. non-content preview enabled content, etc.! The possibilities are endless.

Checkout these articles on some possible ways you could put memberships to use in your store!



If you archive a membership or one of its individual tiers, all respective members of what was archived will be lost. THIS IS IRREVERSIBLE. If you take this action and wish to regain the lost members, customers will have to repurchase the membership at full price and completely restart their selected term. See HERE for more info.


Note for advanced users: If you customize the templates for the pages utilized in the Utility/Gated Content Access features, it is highly recommended that you turn on "Developer Mode" within the Single app. This will ensure that any updates deployed by Single do not alter your customizations. If you do not do this, app updates could result in you losing any customizations you have made to the page templates.

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