How To Add a Countdown to Your NFT Release on Shopify

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Note:The Countdown Page is only applicable to NFTs that have not been released yet. NFTs that are published with an immediate release date will bypass this step and be instantly made available with the designated supply/quantity in your store.

One of the best ways to generate hype for your upcoming NFT release (aka"drop") is to advertise it with a countdown timer. That is why Single automatically creates a "Countdown" page in your Shopify Admin for your newly made NFT. This page will display the NFT artwork, total supply, and a realtime countdown timer leading up to the drop.


In order for this page to be visible to customers, you will need to add it to your store's navigation and/or menu. This is a simple process that can be done in your Shopify Admin.

First, from your Shopify Admin, click on the"Online Store"tab on the left hand side of the page.


From there, click on the"Navigation"tab that appears underneath and click on which menu you would like to add the Countdown Page to. If you have not yet made a menu for your store, you will need to click"Add Menu"to do so.


Click"Add menu item."


In the sidebar that appears on the right, search for your NFT Countdown Page (it will under the name you provided for the NFT while creating it earlier) either by typing it in or navigating to it in theLinkfield. Then, choose what name you would like it to have in your menu by typing it into theNamefield.


Click"Save Menu"to confirm the changes.


Until your NFT drops, it will only be visible to customers on this Countdown page and will not display in your store's normal catalog. This is done by the quantity automatically being set to 0/Sold-Out until the time of release. Upon release, the actual quantity is automatically changed to what you set as your total supply while creating your NFT, the Countdown Page disappears, and the NFT product becomes available and visible in your store.

Any customers that were viewing the NFT Countdown Page at time of release/when it drops will be automatically redirected to now visible/accessible product page where they can purchase it.

Note:Countdown page not displaying properly? Try reinstalling Shopify Assets. You can do this in your Single account by going toSettings > Advanced > Reinstall Shopify Assests.

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