How To Provide NFT Holders with an Exclusive Song or Album on Shopify

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Want to give your NFT holders access to an exclusive song or album? You can easily do this in one of two ways:


1. Attach the song/album to the NFT

Using this method, you will be including the song/album for anyone who purchases the NFT or has already purchased the NFT in the past (if you leave Deliver to Existing on). It will be provided to the NFT holder at no additional cost and sent via email, so you can think of it like a free gift. More on how to create an attachment.

Regarding Chart Eligibility: In the above scenario, songs/albums delivered in this way are NOT eligible for Billboard reporting. However, depending upon a couple factors, they could be eligible for OCC and ARIA reporting.

If the music that is being included with the NFT is advertised as being a part of the NFT and is included (or guaranteed to be included upon the release of the music in the case of a pre-order) from the time the NFT goes on sale, those songs/albums are chart eligible for OCC and ARIA (assuming they also meet the other typical eligibility requirements as well).

If the music has not been advertised as being included with the NFT from the beginning and is later given out as a free gift to previous purchasers of the NFT, those those songs/albums are not chart eligible for OCC and ARIA.


2. Gated Content Access

By utilizing this method, you will be setting it up so that only NFT holders have access to purchase the exclusive song/album in your store. It won't be automatically included with the NFT upon purchase this way, but will only be available as an exclusive purchasable product. It is up to you what you want to charge for the music in this case, but keep in mind that with digital albums, regardless of the price you make it, standard usage fees will still apply. More on how to set up Gated Content Access/Tokengating.



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