How To Bundle Your NFT With Products on Shopify

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Want to include an NFT with the purchase of your new album, a limited edition vinyl, shirt, etc? No problem! On the Bundle page of your NFT, you can easily set this up.


First, using the search bar, search for and click on each of the products you want to bundle the NFT with.


Next, decide whether or not to turn "Deliver to Existing" off or on. If you turn it off, only future purchases of the bundled product(s) will include the NFT. If you leave it on, not only will all future purchases of the bundled product(s) include the NFT, but all past purchasers of any of the bundled products will be sent the NFT upon publishing it (if it is already published, upon clicking "Save Bundles," all purchasers will be sent the NFT).

Finally, once you have selected your bundled product(s), click "Save and Review" (or "Save Bundles" if your NFT is already published).


Note: You can add or remove bundled products at anytime while there is stock remaining of your NFT and it is active and published.

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