How To Arrange Your Tokengated Content on Shopify

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Customizing how your different tokengated content is displayed is easy! 

From the Utility page of your NFT, you can simply drag and drop the content into whatever order you would like it to be displayed on your "Gated Content" page. 

Note: Make sure to hit "Save All" when you have finished arranging your content.


Note: Content that is grouped together (directly above or below) in the list that is of the same content type will share a heading. 

This allows you to take full control over how you display exclusive tokengated content to customers.




If a customer owns multiple NFTs or a combination of NFTs and memberships that unlock content in your store, when they go to your "Gated Content" page, they will see a drop down menu that will allow them to select which NFT/Membership's exclusive content they want to view. 

Note: The arrangement of each NFT or Membership's exclusive/gated content is controlled via its own Utility page within the Single app.


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