Uploading Video on Demand (VOD) Content

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This guide will show you how to upload video on demand (VOD) content to your Single dashboard. 

Unlike Rentals, where customers can buy access to videos one at a time, our VOD feature works much more like "Netflix." You can let people view it for free, or you can require them to become paid members or have the right NFT in their wallet. It's totally up to you how you want to set this up. So for now, let's focus on uploading the content!

To start, navigate to the On Demand tab in your Single dashboard. From there, you can drag and drop or click to upload video files. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: .MOV, .MP4, or .MPG. You can find a full list of suggest specifications HERE.


Note: You can upload up to 20 videos at a time, as long as they do not exceed the 12 hour duration limit.

Once your video finishes uploading, it will be put in a draft state. Click on it to proceed.


Click "Edit Video On-DemandScreen_Shot_2022-10-03_at_1.13.48_PM.png

Now you can add details like Title, Creator Name, Description, Tags, and Explicit Content.

Note: Tags are used to arrange and group your videos on your store. These comes into play when adding videos to your store via App Blocks and when gating video on demand content.  


Click "Save and Publish" when you're done entering this information. 


You can "Edit," "Archive," or fully "Delete" a video at any time by clicking the corresponding button while viewing it in your Single account.


You can also change out the video file for any uploaded video by clicking the "Replace Video File" button at any time.


After you've uploaded your video files, you'll want to add them to your store! Check out this dedicated support article for how to do that next.


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