How To Arrange Your Gated Video Content on Shopify

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Note: Video on demand content can be added to your store via App Blocks, a Membership, or an NFT with Tokengating.

In this article, we'll show you how to arrange your gated video on demand content

When you upload videos in the On Demand section of Single, you can mark them with different tags. Tags are used to organize and group videos together in your shop based on a common theme. If you're already familiar with Shopify's Collections system, this will feel similar. 

Let's say that you want to upload some new music videos to your store's VOD library for members or NFT holders to view. Upon uploading them, you could give them tags like "new-videos" and "music-videos."

Note: Tags may not contain spaces.


Now, when you are gating this content by a membership or NFT, you can use the "Select by list of tags" option from the "Search Videos" dropdown menu to create a Tag Section.

Screen_Shot_2022-10-03_at_2.29.40_PM.pngWhen you click "Select by list of tags," you'll be able to search for the tags you created and tagged videos with previously. By selecting "new-videos" and "music-videos" for the tags here, that ensures that all current and future videos with those tags will be automatically added to this Tag Section.

Note: Categories use AND logic, so any video with all of the selected tags will appear.


Once you've selected your tags, you can give the Tag Section a title that will appear above it in your store.


To further organize how content shows up on your store's "Gated-Content" page (more on the "Gated-Content" page in the Creating a Membership and Tokengating articles), you can drag and drop content to change what order it will appear in.


Make sure to click "Save all" and "Save" when you're done!


Now, the content on your store's "Gated-Content" page should look something like this.


You can add as many tags and tag sections as you want. Additionally, you can arrange them amongst your other exclusive content however you'd like, so get creative!



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